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Standards CEI EN 61551-2-2

The primary and secondary windings of the transformers T3FIS Series are electrically separated by electrostatic screen, in order to limit the danger owing to an accidental simultaneous contact between the earth and the parts under tension or the metallic parts which can be put under tension in case of insulation failure. Normally, the connection of the phases is in star form and, on request, all connections provided for the law can be perform.
Standard CEI 61558-2-4 provide a maximum power of 40KVA for this category.

Our series production have the following details:

  • Voltages:
    • 1 input voltage between 115 V. and 500 V.
    • 1 output voltage between 115 V. and 500 V.
  • Insulation class : B
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical insulation class : I
  • Protection index: IP00
  • Impregnated
  • Tropicalized