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Our company

The B.B.R. operates in the field of insulating support for electrical windings. It has forty years experience in this field and can satisfy the most demanding customer’s requirements at the best conditions. Precise and constant attention to marker requirements has allowed the Company to deepen its knowledge of the various application sectors, thus optimizing product quality and reliability. It collaborates advises and solves any particular problem of technical nature.

The conspicuous results achieved in the reliability of its range of products are due to both its human resources, with the many highly qualified technicians in the B.B.R. staff, and to its continuing investments in technology and research. These are the basic factors in the steady B.B.R. expansion and the concrete prospects of its future development.


Transformers and autotransformers…another PLANET!



Production of standard products.


Designing and selling special products.


Electronic and telephone support after sale.


Sale of standard products.