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Standards CEI EN 61551-2-13


The Single Phase Autotransformers – C1/Series are destined for foreign markets. They are built with protective covers in metal or fiberglass/nylon and they have, depending on the destination, European or American sockets.

  • Isolation: E Class
  • Frequency:: 50/60 HZ
  • Voltages:: 110/220V. oppure 127/220V.
  • Impregnated
  • Tropicalized


  • With EUROPEAN sockets:
    • Reversible Autotransformer
    • Input/Output European socket and Output/Input European socket
    • Not Reversible Autotransformer
    • Input with cable and Output with European socket
  • With AMERICAN sockets:
    • Reversible Autotransformer
    • Input/Output American socket and Output/Input American socket
    • Not Reversible Autotransformer
    • Input with terminal and fuse, Output with American socket