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Standards CEI EN 61551-2-13


The transformers of ATM Series have an identical magnetic structure of normal transformers, but instead of 2 coils (A.T. and B.T.), consisted in two distinct complexes, and insulated from each other, they have one single coil, in which the B.T. coil is represented by a portion of the entire spiral, which constitutes the A.T. coil.
On request, the dimensions can be varied in according to space available.

Su richiesta le dimensioni possono essere variate per soddisfare eventuali esigenze di ingombro.

Our series production have the following details:

  • Voltages : 230/400 V.
  • Insulation class : E
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical protection class : I
  • Protection index : IP00
  • Impregnated
  • Tropicalized